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Christmas Eve Extravaganza

Bi-annually we go to Taylors house for Christmas, and when we are all together it is quite the party. This year, due to Grandma and Grandpa Hansens request we toned the celebration down a bit and didn't go out to the desert for dinner. (No generators, no costumes, no flaming christmas trees.) Despite the change to a "normal" Christmas celebration the evening still turned out to be a grand production---including outdoor movie screen and a Christmas show. Even Santa made a quick appearance. Here are some pictures of the event and the bi-annual nativity play we have--it was hilarious, not to mention chaotic as Abby played the lead role of Mary.

Ray Busby Nelson

Farewell to Ray B.
Taylors grandfather passed away December 17, 2007 at the age of 87. Ray was a great man who loved his country, the state of Arizona, but most of all his family.
Yesterday, we had the service for Grandpa Ray. Taylor gave a great eulogy about his life and his ability to always see the real person inside. We are so proud that that both PArker and Taylor bear his name. (Taylor Ray, Parker Ray)
Farewell, Ray. We will miss you----till we meet again!

Man vs Wild

So to celebrate his finishing of finals Taylor decided he wanted to get away from it all---and he really meant get away. He packed his backpack and headed for the most remote trail he could find. I wish I could get him on here to write about his experience. He decided that he wasnt using a tent anymore and slept all night under a tarp in the pouring rain and out in the black of night with animals all over and not a foot print in sight. (Taylors dream was fulfilled... and I am so glad I did not have to participate in it.)

Taylors thoughts about the trip... "Well, maybe nextime I should take a handgun, but I stayed dry." Um....Crazy!

Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite memories is frosting Christmas cookies with my mom---so I decided I would continue the tradition and do it. (Let me say, being the mom takes on a whole new dimension to christmas cookies.) You are the one that has to clean up!

Santas Lap

HO HO HO...Merry Christmas-Walmart Style

Ok...you cannot have a family blog without including pics of your kids with Santa--- no matter how ghetto Santa looks.
As trailerish as this may be, we saw Santa in Walmart and had them take our picture... What can I say, I am high class. Well, it was pretty obvious that even Abby had her doubts about this Santa. Why? Oh I dont know... maybe it was the 1981 glasses he had on, or maybe it was the fact he didn't look a day over 40, or maybe it was the fact that the suit was completely hanging off of him. Obviously, he was some techie nerd from the electronics department.

Anyhow, it gave Abby a chance to tell Santa personally what she wanted for Christmas. She said she wanted....

1) A barbie (covered)

2) Barbie slippers (where did that come from?)

The Barbie slippers were a new present idea, one I had not heard before. Luckily the real "Ms. Claus" was able to go by the slipper section on her way out of Walmart and snag some authentic barbie slippers in Abby's size without her noticing. Haleluia for little brothers who can provide great distractions in the shopping cart.

Taylors Rockinghorse

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Last time we went down to Yuma to see Taylors family, his mother gave Parker the rockinghorse Taylor had when he was a little boy. Well, needless to say it has turned Parker into a roughriding cowboy. Here are some pics of his latest ride.

The Christmas Tree Is Up!

Oh Christmas Tree, How Lovely are your branches!
Yes, Our Christmas Tree is finally up. The kids had a great time decorating it this year. Unfortunately, I have to report that currently all of our ornaments are now residing at the top of the tree as one little boy...not naming any names... cannot resist the temptation to destroy them.
The Nelson ornament body count is now as follows...
2 Red Ball Ornaments (fatalities)
1 Tinkerbell Plastic Snowglobe Ornament (fatality; has been sucked into the toybox black-hole.)
1 US Airforce Wooden Soldier Ornament (Fatality)
1 Star Ceramic Ornament (Fatality)
1 Sheri and Taylor Star Wedding Ornament (Injured)
Lets pray that there wont be any more Nelson ornament casualties this holiday season.