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Viva Mexico - Part 1

This past week I took a few days off of work and we went to Mexico with some friends for a totally "narly" surfing trip. Some friends of ours from the ward have a beach house on a secluded surf beach, one they call "secret spot" because of the awesome break that only a few surfers know about. The owners are true surfers at heart, the dad who you can tell is surfer by just looking at him, has been riding massive waves for years. His passion is finding areas where no one has surfed before. So, when I saythe place was secluded, imagine having to four-wheel up sand-dunes, on much rougher terrain than any amusement ride I have been on. To read Taylors account of the trip and surf details feel free to visit his blog, blandlife.com.

Anyhow, the trip turned out to be awesome! Not only were Taylor and I able to feed our obsession with Latin America, but all of us were completely happy with the trip---the kids played in the sand and with seashells, I laid out and relaxed (didn't think about work for one moment), and Taylor got to surf until he could no more.

Since my digital camera is currently broken, I am slowly collecting photos to add to the blog. These are ones that I was able to steal from friends. I will have part 2 once we get my photos from my one-use camera I bought.

Here are some photos from our trip. Photos of Abby's Mexican B-day party and Easter Egg hunt will follow.


Last weekend my parents came up and we had a mini-vacation at Disneyland to celebrate Abbys upcoming fourth birthday. We had so much fun! The first day we stayed from opening until about 6 which is a really long day for a 1 and 3 (almost 4) year old. Some things I learned while I was there...
1) Some 4 year olds are scared of every ride no matter how tame they are. After parents force them on the ride, they like it, but again are scared of the next ride.
2) Boys love guns and pirates no matter how old they are. (1 1/2 or 29)
3) California Adventureland is not good for small children.
4) Our pocketbooks can only handle Disneyland once in a blue moon.
5) No matter if you are a mom, grandma, dad, grandpa, or child, Disneyland is the most magical place on earth!

Here are some photos of our adventure. Thanks Grandma Jan and Grandpa Lyle for helping to fund our mini-vacation.