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Guessing Game

Taylor plays this guessing game with the kids where he gives 3 clues about an object within sight and the kids have to figure out what the object is. Well, today his first clue was "this object is fat in the middle and skinny on the ends." Abby immediately ran over to me and exclaimed, "I know... its Mom!" I couldn't help but laugh. He had meant a football.

Whoa Baby!

I am completely and utterly blessed by having my "cousin" Megan, as a photographer. She literally has taken half the photos on my blog and does an excellent job documenting our lives on a weekly basis. I'm serious when I say that this blog would be pretty boring with out her amazing talents.

She took some quick maternity photos ( on her porch mind you) of the kids and I the other day ago, and they turned out great. Taylor somehow got out of this shoot, but there is no avoiding the next one.

Baby Update #5

I have reported little, but as you know, no news is usually good news. Lucy seems to be back on track, and doing great. The tumor has not recorded much growth at all in the last month, and MIGHT (they are not sure) if anything be stealing less blood from her because it could slightly dying in on itself. The plan is to now keep monitoring me in the hospital twice a week, but I can go to and from Prescott as I please. They will probably induce me at about 37 weeks when they know her lungs are healthy. If all goes well, I will have a healthy baby girl to take home. I think that puts me at a middle of July delivery. Not too much more to go.


I took the kids to the pool the other day ago, it was one of those days where I decided that we were just going to camp out and stay until they were completely exhausted. Well, I think i accomplished my goal because when I got home, I walked into the other room, only to come back to this. A little guy who had stripped off his wet swimsuit, grabbed a cookie, and had fallen asleep on the floor before he could finish it. Poor kid. But now really...who can resist that bum?