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Tanner is Home

Taylor's little brother Tanner returned home off his mission from Indiana last week. We met him at the airport, with all the hoopla you could imagine. The 21 year old handled it like a pro.

Cowgirls Dont Cry

We are really lucky to have family with horses. Abby wants a horse soooo bad. No, make that soooo, soooo bad. Unfortunately its not in the cards for her right now, but her saving grace is her cousin Preslee who cares for three horses herself.

(Side note: A little while back Abby and I were talking about future Halloween costumes and I mentioned that she should be a cowgirl next year.She replied with, "Mom, you cant be something you already are for Halloween.)

Last week, Preslee taught Abby how to put on a saddle, clean the horses hooves, and feed and water them. Not to mention the two girls rode around the arena together for hours. It was wonderful! Abby left their house singing...."Cowgirls Don't Cry....Ride Baby Ride."

Thank you to the Whettens for being so accommodating to my cowgirl wanna-be.

Just Because....

Warrior Dash

This day was probably the most fun I have had since college. One for the "bucket list."

Completely recommend this to anyone, as long as they can tolerate running next to a man in a thong speedo!

Girls Night Out

A little late on this...but I have to post so I dont forget about our awesome night. There is nothing like a girls night out with grandma! And let me tell you, we rocked it all the way to.....well.....10:30 pm. :) Cant wait to do it again. Thanks mom for organizing!