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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...?.... I dont think so. (The tell-all on our trip.)

This past weekend we went up to Vegas for my grandparents' 60th anniversary dinner. 60 years together is quite a feat, especially these days. The whole thing actually made me realize how lucky Taylor and I are. Both sets of our moms and dads have been happily married (30+) years and all four sets of grandparents (Wanda and Ray in heaven) are still together too! There is something to be said by that for sure.

Anyhow, we had a great time and it was nice to spend my birthday (the same day as my grandparents' anniversary) among family. Although, I have to admit Vegas is definitely not the same as when I was a kid.

When I was a kid you went to Vegas and the "adult" stuff didn't come out until the kids went to bed. There were waterparks and rollercoasters, arcades, and kid themed shows. Now a days there is no waterpark, the rollercoasters and arcades are in disrepair, the pools are full of drunk 21 year olds, and kid-themed shows have disappeared. And did I mention that pole dancers are nakedly dancing in the first floor of the hotels starting at 8:00 at night....yep folks, before dark. Sad....

We unfortunately found that last one out walking back through the Flamingo after dinner. Abby saw the girls first, and the conversation went something like this....

Abby: Whoa! Mom, look at those girls dancing. (Wide-eyed...and a little taken back.)
Mom: I see them. And I would be very sad if I ever saw you do that.
Abby: Why?
Mom: Do you think those girls are dressed very modestly? (As we are walking by...)
Abby: Shakes her head no.
Mom: Thats why.... They are not using their bodies in a nice way. You are way to special to do that.
Abby: Oh. (And she gave me a walking side-hug.)

As we walked away I wondered what their moms thought of their profession.

Oh, and as a side note, dont go and see the pirate show at Treasure Island. Apparently its not for kids anymore either. We heard that second-hand after my cousin took her 8 year old to see it, and left horrified.

Despite the change in atmosphere at Vegas, we did have a good time. We swam, rode the monorail (aka: the train) in a circle (twice, back to back per Parkers request), gorged ourselves with food, and showed the kids the different themed casinos. As far as favorites from the trip, Abby loved the Bellagio fountains, Parker the monorail, and Taylor, watching the U.S play in the world cup at Caesars Palace (minus the loss.) Lucy loved the Raspberry Nepolians we ate at Paris, Paris, and so did her grandpa. :)

And she's off

Yesterday at Abby's piano lesson I was telling her teacher (my good friend Katie) that I could tell that Lucy wants to start walking and that the day before she even attempted (and failed) at a step. So, Katie had an idea....to "encourage" her by waving items she wants infront of her. And boy did it work! We started with toys....

Those were her first steps ever! How lucky I am to have them on video. well, when that got old we upgraded to fruit by the foot (aka: crack for kids) which increased her performance level.

By the end of the day, she had gotten it! Even a small coaxing from mom, would get her going.

First Piano Lesson

Abby has started Piano. First lesson down, ???? to go.

Cheer Camp 2010

This year I decided to put together a cheerleading summer camp for the little girls in the prescott area. (There is nothing like that here.) I built a blog, made some tee's, ordered poms and megaphones, recruited friends, and started my very own summer day camp. I ended up with a full group of 16 lil' cheerleaders (including Abby)---we learned cheers, made crafts, played games, and danced our hearts out all week long. Hopefully word will spread and next year I can hold two sessions.

To see my blog, camp curriculum, and a day to day description of our activities go to: prescottcheer.blogspot.com

3rd Place:Yavapai County Art Fair

When I first had a little girl, I guess I always figured she'd grow up to be interested in the same stuff I am, and have talents in the same areas. However, as Abby grows I am realizing that idea was a little off, but I'm okay with that.

For example, I am horrible at art. Always have been, always will be. I was always disappointed in grade school when my projects came home with an S- on them. To this day, I cant draw much more than a stick figure. My talents were more physical in nature.

Abby however loves art. She begs me literally every day to do some sort of art project. Painting, scuplting, coloring, glueing, you name it. That is where her passion lies. As for her physical talents.....things may change....but for now, there is a lot of room for improvement. :)

A few weeks ago I got a call from Abby's principal explaining Abby had won 3rd place in the Yavapai County Art Fair and that they were going to honor her at their school assembly. He said that there were 3000 entries, so this was pretty cool.

At the assembly they gave her an award in front of the entire school, along with movie tickets for the family, and a t-shirt with her drawing on the front. The theme was "From Farm to Table." She drew a picture of a farmer working in the field with his house in the background. The front door was open, and inside lay a set dinner table with food on it. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.

Well, anyway. Abby and I may have differences in interests, but I cannot say I am not proud of her. I have begun framing some her best pieces to put in the hall on the way to the kids rooms. Maybe some day they'll be worth something. :)

Bikes, Again.

This is why Taylor would not let him ride without his training wheels until Abby had mastered riding herself. A 30 second lesson and off he went.
If only the dogs would stay out of his way....