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Rocket Man

Parker got a model rocket for Christmas. Last Saturday, it was finally warm enough  to "blast" it, something Parker has been wanting to do for weeks. .Not sure who liked it more, Taylor or the kids.  (And if you are wondering why I have less photos of Parker than anyone else, its because he has inherited his fathers lack of appreciation of cameras....meaning, he will prevent me taking a photo of him at all costs. I cant even tell you how many photos I have of Taylor flipping the camera off, so I wont post him to the blog...Ugh! At least Parker hasn't figured that one out yet.)

3-2-1- blastoff!!!!

Happy New Year!

We woke up the day before New Years Eve to frozen pipes and a blanket of white. (It reached negative temps during the night at our house...a record for Prescott.) Taylors office closed during the bad conditions so we celebrated our "extra holiday" with a family snowball fight in the back yard.

Lucy will smile for the camera now. Eyes closed, nose scrunched.

Ooh! Snowball to the eye. Sorry bud!

Started out liking the snow....and then realized it was cold!

This girl gives no mercy during a snowball fight, but always has time to pose for the camera.

The Plastic Cup Phase

9 years of marriage....

Its funny to look back and think of all you have been through. The different "phases" of your lives. "The Friend Phase," "The Dating Phase," "The Newly-Wed Phase," "The Baby Phase."

If I had to define us now, I would say we are in  "The Plastic Cup Stage." Why is that? Well, because we only have plastic cups in our cupboards. Every cup made of any other material has been broken, and we gave up on having anything else. We have finally adjusted to our herd of children and realized not everything is going to be perfect all the time, but does it really matter?

So cheers to nine years of marital bliss and the "Plastic Cup Phase." Bring it on, baby!