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Boys will be Boys

We named it the Super-Mega-Ninja-Jedi-Playdate. Before they got out of the car, I told them my house had only one rule...no fighting. Wrestling is okay, but the first hint of nasty name calling, feel bad fighting, the Super-Mega-Ninja-Jedi-playdate would be off. Everything else is my house was pretty much game.

So what do four four-year old friends do on a one-rule-only afternoon? See for yourself.

What you lookin at?

Nelson Family Farms: An Update 2

We are well into harvest season, and now it is review time. 

First, overall I have to say I have loved having a garden. My counter has been full of fruits and veggies all summer, and although they may not be as good as what you find in the store (my midget corn cobs for example) there is definitely something to be said about eating the food that YOU grew. Its exciting!( In your face nosy neighbor who at the beginning of planting told me nothing would grow the way I was doing it. I think I cried that night I was so upset.)

I realize that this is not going to be the most interesting post for my readers, but I need to document my thoughts on what grew well etc so...I apologize ahead of time. Here goes....

Next year:
Tomatoes-love the grape tomatoes. Replant one grape,  one cherry, and one celebrity, etc. Any more is just too much!
Corn- Corn need water. Lots of it. Double the water on the corn. I'm pretty sure that water was the root of my midget corn problem.Space 8 inches at least.
Lettuce-Plant a couple plants, but mostly seeds. Vary seed planting time. Having 10 heads all ready to be eaten at one time is ridiculous!
Cucumbers-One plant is plenty! I dont really like cucumbers anyway. Plant along the fence with seeds, Let em grow up.
Bell peppers- One green, and one red needed only.
Watermelon-Plant Lots, your kids love em. Seeds.
Cantaloupe- Plant lots, they were delish, but only about 2 came per plant. Seeds.
Squash-plant spaghetti squash and yellow squash only. You dont really eat the rest! Grow on the fence. Seeds.
Peas- Plant in group from seeds only. Plant early! 
Carrots-East Peasy, Plant more.
Onions- Plant farther apart.  Space 6 inches. No rows necessary.
Cabbage- Dont plant! They dont work here.
Spinach- Didn't do great, but try it again from seeds, water often, plant early.
Basil, Rosemary- Plant it again, so fun!
Green Beans- Plant a few plants, in rows, away from the fence. No need to plant a ton. 
Honeydew-TBD next week.
Pumpkins- TBD in fall.
Sweet Potatoes- TBD in fall.

Additional things to plant next year:
Cilantro- even though you hate it, plant it so you dont have to hear your husband complain that there is no cilantro.
Potatoes- plant regular potatoes if you can get starters.


Preschool started this week for the Big P.  The morning of...he immediately ran into our room to tell his dad that today was his day to start school. Taylor responded by asking him who was going to be in his class. He answered, "Ummm....Luke, and Ben, and Ummm.....Mac!" Taylor looked at me, and said...."Well, Isn't that a motley crew." Parker has not only his cousin with him at school, but two of his closest friends also, proving for an exciting, and what can only be called an interesting year ahead. Luckily, I am pretty sure his teacher is up for the challenge.

Her Dog

We started letting the dogs inside again....give it one last try. They were banished from the house in March, after mom had a complete breakdown over the constant chaos and cleaning. Yes, the cliche' words, "Its them or me!" just MIGHT have been uttered. But now they are older and finally starting to calm down, thus my loathing has turned to tolerating. (They ruined their chances for me to "like" them when they jumped through the screen of our open window this week.)

Its hard not to smile though when the family is sitting around and Abby is loving on her dog like this all night. She sweetly wraps Sandy in a blanket, lays her head on top, and drowsily pets her as they both head off to doggy dream land. She loves HER dog---sigh----and so too must I.

1st grade here we come.

New clothes, New Shoes, New School. First day of school came and went, and this year no tears from mom.

You better work...covergirl.

Work it girl.......

Work..... sashay shante. 

Natural History Museum

Have you ever been proud of yourself....I mean really stinking proud that you did something. That is how I felt after tackling this little adventure with three kids on my own.

The last day of our trip I needed to kill some time so that I could drive home in the evening (aka: when kids are sleeping.) I had heard that it was "free" day at the Natural History Museum that particular day so I decided to go, with my three kids, to one of the busiest days for the museum all year. Just look at the line to get in!
Once in, it was a madhouse. I am pretty sure we waited to use the bathroom for about half an hour. We did have a good show though as one over-exhausted mother got into a full on screaming match with a stressed out day-care worker over who was in line first.
So yes, I was crazy...but would I do it again???... probably. Well, maybe not on free day. The kids, especially Abby, had a great time. After about 4 hours there, it was time to leave, but Abby did not want to. She was begging to stay longer. I ended up having to promise her I would bring her back next time we were in town. (She must be my child because Taylor and I both secretly love museums! In fact one of our first dates was to a museum. Nerdy. I don't admit that to many.)

Mr. Fingers

Why visit anywhere in L.A. when you have a zany uncle, an equally unique and wonderful aunt, and their over the top crazy cat to hang with? At least thats how we felt when we visited Court and Rachel on the last part of our trip. We really did nothing but hang out for two days and were totally content the entire time.

For some odd reason, I love the pic above. I think its the story that accompanies it that really makes me smile. This photo was taken while Court was holding (Mr. Fingers), running around the apartment looking for flies. You see, Mr. Fingers the cat likes to eat flies, and will catch them, but only after making this weird gutteral sound. (Seriously, you would never believe it would come from a cat.) So after seeing a few flies in the house, Court began chasing them with Mr. Fingers, leaving the kids in hysterical laughter. Sometimes I wish my photos were accompanied by audio.

California (Part 2)

From my cousins house I headed out to West Hills to stay with Mary Jo, who I worked with at Pepperdine. We spent most of Saturday at the beach, along with Minda and Christina (additional friends that I used to work with.) I miss them all very much!

 This was Lucy's first trip to the beach. I am pretty sure she will be pooing sand for the next couple of weeks.

Binki Bandit

Lucy won herself the above name while staying at my cousins. Anytime we took our eyes off her, she would take her binki out, run over to Cole, take his, and walk away as if nothing happened. Cole's revenge was the fact that she looked ridiculous sucking on the newborn sized binki.