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Snow Days 2010

Snowed in for 2 and a half days.  Nothing like rotating between snow clothes and PJs all week long.

First Laugh

About a week ago a friend of mine with 5 kids asked me whether Lucy had started laughing yet. I said no, and she responded with. "Well, don't expect to be the one to make her do it, first. Your kids will, before you ever do." I remember scoffing at her, thinking that of course I will make her laugh first, I am the one with her 24 hours a day.

All that day I made funny faces, tickled her, etc, etc. to no prevail. A few smiles, but not a hint of a laugh. Well, that night I put Lucy in the Abby's room so that she and Parker could entertain Lucy while I cooked. And coming from the bedroom what did I hear...well, see for yourself.

So, there you go. I guess I know my place.

Down in the Country...

Well, we are finally settled. (Minus the few boxes in the garage that I refuse to unpack because I want the move to be over with.) And I am obsessed. With what???....my windows. I find myself staring all day at this.

And This...

I may have protested moving out of town, but I have to admit there are some major advantages of living here.  The big question is will I succumb to wearing cowboy boots like everyone else? Hmm.....thats a tough one.