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From Our Galaxy to Yours: Happy Halloween!

“I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you.”

"I dont know who you are or where you come from, but from now on you'll do as I say, okay."

May the Force be with you.

Leia and Luke with Mom (aka Queen Amidala)

For those that requested...

More talent show video footage can be found....HERE.

What does your child learn from Sesame Street?

Now I know how they keep those clouds away....
A conversation I had with Abby this week:

Abby: Mom, do we have any weed in the house?
Me: Huh?
Abby: Do we have any weeeeeeed in the house?
Me: What? I'm not sure what you mean? Where did you learn that word?
Abby: They taught me about it on Sesame Street.
Me: I am not sure they would say that on Sesame Street. What do you know about weed?
Abby: You know you can grow it.... and then grind it up and put it in cookies and stuff.
Me: (Confused look on my face)
Abby: And in bread and stuff.
Me: Oh! Do you mean, wheat? With a "t".
Abby: Oh yeah, that's what I meant to say. Do we have any wheat in the house?

Nelsons Got Talent

This last Friday was our ward talent show....(David this post is for you.)

Abby's routine was to Eileen Barton's If I knew You Were Comin' I'd Have Baked a Cake...a tribute to my older viewers out there...(geez.....I'm going to get in trouble for that one.) She remembered about 80% of her dance, to my surprise. Its really getting ridiculous how much she reminds me of me. She really likes to perform. (We shall see if that is a good thing, or bad when she is a teenager.) Before she went on she begged me to let her have the microphone so she could sing and dance while the music played. I decided she had enough things to concentrate on with the mass amount of people watching her, not to mention the fact that our family isn't really known for its vocal stylings.

Sarah (my friend from church) and I had secretly hid our act from all of our friends to surprise them. We wanted to do some sort of 80's throwback dance, and eventually decided on Michael Jackson's "Thriller". For the performance we painted our faces white, teased our hair to look like zombies, and performed a 3 minute full-on dance routine. You should of seen how many times we rewound the youtube music video while we were learning it. It was so fun! I guess I should be embarrassed trying to relive my childhood again....oh, well.

Anyway, the night was awesome and I think our friends enjoyed laughing at us too. Here are some videos that Taylor took with his Blackberry of both of the Nelson acts. I hope you like fuzzy blobs moving around on what might be a stage. ---- Love ya babe!

Abby's solo performance

Interviewed by the MC

Thriller Anyone???

I'm the short black zombie