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Los Dos Amigos

The Nelson household has a Three Amigos obsession!

So 2 weeks ago, Abby and I were trying to go through DVD's to find something family friendly to watch. While fumbling through our collection she pulled out a copy of the Three Amigos. She nicely asked if she and Parker could watch it. I told her," no, I dont think you would like a movie like that." However, she kept insisting that she would, so I finally gave in and decided that I might enjoy watching a classic anyhow. I figured she would lose interest 5 minutes into it anyway.

So I pop in the DVD and we start watching. Parker comes and joins us to watch as soon as he notices cowboys with guns. (Side Note: Why are guns appealing to a one and a half year old boy???? I certainly didn't teach him about them, but whatever.) Well, we begin watching and low and behold the kids love it. They are laughing and smiling the whole way through. The minute they heard the my little buttercup song.... they were hooked.

Well, I thought it would end there, but to my shock, it hasn't. Every day at least once for the last 2 weeks Abby and Parker (minus the words) are begging for me to put in The Three Amigos. Abby can even quote it now. "Good Night Ned", she says at bed time.

Recently Taylor asked Abby what her favorite part is in the movie. She said she has two favorites. The first is when Steve Martin is "chained up and says 'gonna make it', and walks like robot" the other is "when the bush sings songs."

For fun Taylor plays soundtrack songs that he has downloaded for the kids. He dies everytime Parker busts his moves to the My Little Buttercup song, or sways to the Blue Shadows song.

I guess I cant say I mind this craze that has spread through our house, because quite literally it is one of my favorite movies from growing up. (That is true for Taylor also.) However, you cant tell me its not weird!

Abby's First Talk at Church

Abby gave her very first talk in Primary at chruch this week. Abby and I wrote her talk together about the scriptures. I had to do some editing taking things out of the talk like...."scriptures are black," however much of it came from Abby herself. Together, we practiced all week memorizing it, and drawing picutres that would help her remember the words. By the time Sunday came I was actually nervous for her.
When we went into the primary, she was so excited she could not help but tell every one she met that it was her day to talk. When they called her up to the microphone, I sat in the first row (in a tiny-tiny chair) holding up the pics so that she would remember what to say. She ended up doing great, saying the whole thing flawlessly. I totally started crying, because I was so proud. It was amazing.
Abby's Talk:
"The scriptures help me learn about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I am happy I have my own scriptures. I read with my mom and like to look at the pictures. The scriptures teach me that I can some day live with Heavenly Father and Jesus again. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
I know that seems simple, but for a three year old to be able to say that in front of an audience was inspiring. I am not sure I have ever been more proud of her than this past Sunday. (The pic above is her with her new set of scriptures.)

31st Annual Law School Dinner

Last weekend Taylor and I attended Pepperdine's Law School Dinner at the Hollywood and Highland Center and heard Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts speak. It was literally one of maybe 3 nights out Taylor and I have had since Parker was born. (I know to all of you that is sad, but quite frankly with our busy hectic lives, we prefer staying in and enjoying our kids on the weekends.)

Anyhow, it was a great night. It was fun to get dressed up in our best and spend the night with some of the finest in LA.

Here are some pics of us for you to enjoy. By the way, the one with me and the dragon....yeah, Taylor took that. That is me infront of the famous Chinese theater in Hollywood. Could he be any farther away?

Funeral for President Gordon B. Hinckley

This post is designed for all my friends and family who are not LDS. You may, or may not be aware that the the president of my church, the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter Day Saints died last Sunday. He has been a leader of our church since 1995, and thus has been the only president I have seen since I was baptised "mormon" in 2000. For members and non-members of the church a-like Gordon B. Hinkley has been an inspiring man. No matter who you are, you can not help deny the calmness he could bring over you. Even President Bush presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor in 2004.

In tribute to one of the men who have inspired me most. I would like to provide you with one of my favorite Hinckley quotes.

"My plea is that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting that as we go through life we 'accentuate the positive.' I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment and endorse virtue and effort."

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