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Tennis Anyone???

Grandma and Grandpa gave the kids some tennis lessons in the Valley of the Sun. Point, Set, Match, they tore it up! (P.S. Have you ever seen a grandma look so HOT in a jump suit. I think not!)

Goodbye ol' Friends

You know when you have outgrown your "fat pants" that it is time to move into maternity. Goodbye cute clothes. I will see you in a year and a half. :(

Fun with Whoopie Cushions

Taylor's cousin David and his girlfriend Cindy sent the kids Valentines presents which included a whoopie cushion. It was the first time either Abby or Parker had ever seen one, so when i showed them how to "properly" use it, I had two munchkins rolling on the floor in uncontrollable laughter. After the third or fourth time, I decided to film it. (Although, the first time was the best.) Here goes...

If you are wondering what Parker is saying afterward, I will interpret. He states, "It zubert, it zubert, it passed gas!" (If you don't know what a zubert is, you never watched the Cosby show.)

Oh My Snow!

Tuesday we had a major snowstorm, probably one of the worst Prescott has had in the past 6 or 7 years. The kids, who had never seen snow fall from the sky and actually collect on the ground, were excited. They turned our driveway into a sled racing area during the storm. Due to our inept planning for snow the kids ingeniously used empty Dr. Pepper cases as a sled. Can you say ghetto? (That shows how much DP we go through. We had three empty cases in our recycle bin. Embarrassing!) The next day all the schools and basically the town was shut down, allowing us to really have some fun with friends and cousins. Here are the pics below.

During the storm.

Sleds Courtesy of Costco.

Our house the next morning.

Next Day: Schools Out and Sledding is In! Don't even think that we left the DP sleds at home!

Fashion and sledding at its best.

And oohh! Wipeout into a fence. At least they still look good.

Now the little mans turn.

Showin' the big kids how its done!

Do you like how I still have a dress on under all of these snow clothes?

Strike a Pose.


Mom.... Get Out of the Way!

Thanks again to Megan for her photos! Yes, I pretty much mooch off her talents and steal her pictures. Lame huh? Maybe one day I will find a talent somewhere. Till then, its all you Meg. Thanks for making my blog look good. :)


2 crazy cousins - 2 diapers + 1 camera = 1 great piece of collateral in the future!

For the full story (and more pictures) of the two year old streakers click HERE.

Art at its Best

Abby drew this picture and handed it to me the other day ago. It is one of my favorites of all time. I know it might be hard for you to tell but that is me in the middle with the belly-button and the big hair. The guy to the right of me is a doctor with his hands on my belly. To the right of him is two nurses and on the far left is Taylor holding....yes, you guessed it a baby. I had no idea she had any clue what a birth scene actually looks like, but there you go.

P.S. In case you weren't aware, Baby #3 is on the way! Due Date.... August 1st.