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August Catchup

In August we moved into our new house. We finally have a home we can call our own. It is my dream to die in this house. I know that sounds weird, but really I am prepared to live here the rest of my life. It was everything both Taylor and I wanted. The house was a foreclosure on ten acres and needs A LOT of work. Some day I will post before and after pics, but for now you will have to settle with some outside BEFORE photos.

Also in August, the kids went back to school. I cant believe my little boy is a kindergartner. I am pretty sure the moment you have kids, your life speeds up ten-fold. I couldnt get my camera to work on the first day of school, so I had to use my phone. Then for some reason my phone would only take photos in black and white that day. Grrrrrr.......Are you seeing a pattern of complete craziness in my summer posts???? Im so glad we survived the insanity.

July Catch Up

July was filled with birthdays, packing, cleaning, working, and chaos.

For Parkers fifth birthday we threw an on-the-fly pizza and swim party with his best little buds. And when I say on the fly, I mean I invited people pretty much that day. Terrible I know....

Lucy turned two this July.  She got cupcakes and presents at home. I vow that next year I will be better at documenting her day. :(
Happy birthday to both you!!! I love you~

June Catch Up

Im back....and I cannot say that the last 4 months have not been a complete ridiculous whirlwind. I dont think I have been so busy since well....never, or at least so tired since Taylor was in lawschool and I was trying to hold everything together myself.

This summer I took two (and a half) trips to California for CrossFit. I was lucky enough to get to bring along the kids, and my totally fun teenage sister-in-law for one of the trips. I only had to "work" in the evenings which left a lot of beach time for us during the week. I would have loved to have shown you some of the totally awesome CrossFit Kids stuff I saw too, but felt awkward taking photos of random children exercising without their parents permission. Creapy!!! You'll have to settle for beach pics.

It must be nice to run "free" on the beach!!!

We were even able to meet up with my good friend Jo from Pepperdine on Coronado island. Boy, do I miss her!