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Just Because...

Just Because I want to see this again in 10 years.
And that concludes me blatantly ripping photos from other peoples blogs.

Colorado River

Also, in May we went canoeing  and paddleboarding with the Nelson/Noble clan down the Colorado river. It wasnt much of a "trip", because we put in only minutes from Taylor's parents house.

 Before we started, someone mentioned that when you are in a canoe with your spouse it becomes a metaphor for how your marriage works.....yup, that's me pulling the kids, and Taylor in the raft!
 Zooming in.....

 I thought paddleboarding involves standing up~???

 Thats better.

Dragon Warriors

Tball ended in May; Im a bit behind. The Dragon Warriors had a great time, and so did the coaches. There is nothing like watching random chicken actions in the outfield.