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Nursing Home Trick O' Treat

Parker's school had the best idea ever for a field trip. It was a field trip to the nursing home to trick or treat. I know that sounds a bit odd, but I have to say my eyes got a bit misty as we went down the halls. The elderly that lived there had huge smiles pasted on their faces and loved seeing all the children in their costumes. It was as if it was the best day of the year for them. At the same time, the kids were so happy to get candy (and boy did they get candy....lots and lots of candy) so it worked out for everyone.Even Lucy got her own stash of candy as the residents kept stuffing candy bars in my hands to "save" for her when she is old enough. Oh...and did I mention that most of the residents dressed up too. Hilarious!

 "The Boys"

 Love the bowtie

 "What kind of candy do you have?"

 Love the hair.

 Trick or Treat!

 The best costume ever!


Grumpy Pumpkin

I went on Parker's field trip to the pumpkin patch with his school. Lets just say he wasn't too happy when all the children ran to find their pumpkins and was inadvertently was pushed out of the way.  Thus, he was left with the last tiny pumpkin in the patch. It took hours to get over that one.

Oak Creek Canyon

A couple of weekends ago Taylor organized a day trip to Sedona to relax by the creek and enjoy the changing leaves. Lucy and I sat on a rock in the middle of the creek while Taylor, Abby and Parker jumped rock to rock, hit stuff with sticks, collected leaves, and fly fished all day long. It was great.

Do You Likey?

About a month ago, Taylor and I were discussing how I should start learning more about HTML so that I could help him build his lawfirm's web site. (Unveiling of that coming soon!) So, we ordered a web design textbook off the internet and I have been trying to teach myself ever since. And boy do I have a lot to learn! Hopefully, I can begin to help friends and family update their blogs and business websites.

And since the only "real" way to learn is to actually do, I decided to give the Nelson Family Blog a make-over.  I still want to make some improvements, but in the meantime I hope you like the new look as much as I do. Enjoy!

I Cant Resist a Man in Wranglers

I cant resist a man in Wranglers. Well, at least my little man in wranglers. A few weeks ago we went to Round Valley (Eastern AZ) to visit Taylor's sister, Ashlee. Her in-laws who also live there had a "farm" with animals. So to visit the "farm" Parker got all dressed up in his cowboy clothes and was ready to help with the work. Seeing him excited and dressed in his "cowboy" clothes melted my mommy heart.

And Life Goes On...

I cant believe I haven't posted in a month. It seems that every time I have a child my life speeds up tenfold. What seems like days is really months. You know in Star Trek when they go into "warp speed" and the stars start zooming by, well, that is what my life feels like these days. Im traveling at warp speed, man. (Oops! Did i just give away that I am star trek fan....)

For example...

I wish I had a dime for every time my mother told me that she wished I would stop growing up so fast. I remember thinking how absolutely ridiculous she was for saying that. I think her statement was usually accompanied by an eye roll and a, "Oh mom!"...sigh...by me. But, then a few nights ago... I said it to Abby while tucking her in! And I really meant it too! Its funny how we become our mothers.

And then....
Yesterday, I was looking into the mirror and noticed some "smile wrinkles" (is that what they are called???) on my face. I seriously panicked. I started thinking that I need to go out and get some age-defying creams or something, (which in the past I have just blew off as a total hoax geared at aging women.) I never thought I would be old enough to have a wrinkle. ( I know my grandparents, and parents are rolling their eyes at that one.)

And last....
The other day I heard my daughter tell someone that I was REAL OLD. No, I am not old I wanted to say....but then again, I remember thinking my parents were old when they were in their thirties. One last final sigh.

So I guess I am finally starting to see reality. Life is fast, and that no matter what your age, you are going to always sit and wonder where the years have gone and that you cant believe how old you are. I guess I had better make the most of life while I can.