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Ding Dong the Bells are going to Chime...

Well, they've done it. My sister is engaged. And how better to celebrate an engagement with a girls day out trying on wedding dresses. My sister...like a model. Nothing to say but BEAUTIFUL.  And Abby....she was hilarious, running rack to rack picking out what she was going to wear....complete with her own personal dressing room, tiara, and pearls.

I love that last one. Gonna have to save that for when Abby gets married. And I will say that YES....we left with THE DRESS. Which one? Well, you'll just have to wait and see. Date TBA.

Easter 2010

Easter was at Tia's this year. What can I say....great food, great friends, and lots of laughs....at the Easter Bunny's expense of course. Yes, he showed up again, and although the grand horseback entrance he planned didn't quite work out (couldn't get on because the horse spooked....) we still had a great time. Hmm...I cant even imagine why a horse would spook as a gigantic white rabbit with monster buck teeth tried to mount him. Go figure!
He arrives hopping out of the brush as the Easter Bunny should. Kids scream in delight.

As you can see from the first pic, Lucy wasn't really digging the Easter Bunny. 
Ella however handled it like a pro.

Lots O' Love.

The Eater Bunny Pulled this out. It says "Its time for an Easter Bunny Dance Break!"

So the stereo blared...and the Easter Bunny showed us his moves!

And we showed him ours.....

I love this pic...Look closely at the neglectful mother dancing while her baby falls over and screams on the ground.As if the mere sight of the Easter Bunny wasn't traumatic enough for Lucy. 
The Gang (minus THE MEN who were too cool to pose with the Easter Bunny.)