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Promised Pic

As promised, here is Parker in his birthday outfit from dad. Giddy up, cowboy.

I Love Lucy

I hope everyone knows I didn't post that last post! You can be assured that was my slightly demented husband. I am not sure how I feel about my tumor being on display like that, but I think Taylor is enjoying his little joke at all of our expenses. What can I say....I knew what I was getting into when we married.

Anyhow, now that I am semi-coherent after sleeping all day, I thought I might post a few pics that are easier on the eyes and the stomach. Here is our precious Lucy.

The Birthing

Baby Lucy is here. 9:39 pm. 5 lbs 14 ounces. 18.5 inches long.

Because I know everybody is curious, I have labeled the different items.

Baby Update #7

Here are some final (we hope) ultrasound images of Lucy. Today I spent the day at the hospital, and good reports all around. I am dilated to a two, and so the doctor scheduled my induction for Monday, July 20th. Taylor and I will report to the hospital at 7am for an amniocentesis. If the results show that her lungs are mature enough, they will induce me then and there. If her lungs are not mature I will be sent home to wait for me to go into labor naturally. I know I said earlier I wanted to go into labor naturally, but the thought of driving to the hospital in Phoenix with the diaper bag, my bag, car seat, and expecting a baby and then being sent home is down-right frightening. This pregnancy has dragged on forever, since I have been told I could have the baby any time since 28weeks. I cant imagine having to continue my twice a week hospital visits after I already went in for a scheduled induction. I am absolutely thrilled she is healthy, but this is really testing my patience. If I have to spend one more day sitting in hospital rooms getting tested, I seriously think I will die.

The Triad

Happy Birthday Parker! I cant believe its been 3 years since you entered our lives. Thanks for teaching me all about little boys. I can only hope the next three years will be as wonderful as the last.

Parker celebrated his 3rd birthday with Spider man cupcakes and swimming. Favorite presents included a real cowboy hat with matching belt buckle from dad and a light-saber that makes realistic sounds when you move it.

Official "cowboy" pics to follow.

Baby Update #6

I have made it past 35 weeks, the ultimate goal! Although I do not have a set date for my induction, I should get one Monday. Rumor has it it will be probably be the 21st of July, putting me at 37 weeks and 2 days. Who would have ever believed that I would be here 2 months ago?

I keep secretly wishing I will go into labor on my own. I have never really had a "real" labor. Abby started coming early (around 35 weeks) due to me getting sick, but once they gave me fluids my labor stopped and they decided to just finish me off with some modern meds. Parker on the other hand just had to be induced even though I was past 40 weeks. Something in me almost doesn't believe that you can have a baby without pitocin. I would love to know what it feels like to have that surprise rush to the hospital. However, it looks like Baby #3 will be induced like all the rest. Oh well, at least I dont have to go all the way to 40 weeks.

And as a side note, what the heck is up with me having 2 children with not one stretch mark, and now all of a sudden my belly looks like a freakin' football field? Am i getting old or something? I am totally blaming this on what one friend affectionately called it one day..."the tar baby." (Meaning the tumor of course. Not Lucy.) Oh yeah and its grown again to 8 cm. But as the doc says, "who cares, baby is fine." Should I be worried I have to birth this thing? Oh well, it will all be over soon!

Independence Day

I am not sure if it is the barbeques, the family time, the swimming, or just the great childhood memories, but I love Independence Day. I think it has become my favorite holiday of the year. In preparation for the big day I tried to teach Parker and Abby some patriotic tunes. I found that every single one I would sing, there was a line or two I would have to hum or make up words to. Even Yankee Doodle! (What is the last line....whip the girls be handy?...That cant be right.) I really need to brush up before next year.

Lets just say that we rocked the 4th this year. In a nutshell, we swam and swam, attended my "nephew" Indy's baptism, ate some great carne asada imported from Yuma (pretty patriotic huh?), watched a movie outside on a huge blow up screen, and then pretty much trashed a driveway full of streamers and poppers and other miscellaneous 4th of July toys. I think Taylor enjoyed those popper things more than the kids did. Everytime I turned he would throw them at my feet. Aparently it is hilarious to both 2 year olds and 30 year old boys alike to watch me jump at 9 months pregnant. I am glad I provided some great father and son bonding time for them.