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Kindergarten Field Trip

Parker, Lucy and I accompanied Abby's class on their field trip to Sharlot Hall museum to see the first "governors mansion" of Arizona, (Prescott was Arizona's first capital), the first school house in AZ, and other historical AZ related landmarks and items. There is nothing like spending an entire day with kindergartners...enough said. :)

Crossed over to the Dark Side

Staying home with a three year old day after day can have its challenges, but most of the time I am laughing my head off. Parkers' personality has flourished and the things he does leave me in hysterics most of the time with no one to share it with. So I dedicate this post to Parker and his crazy, zany, and yes most of the time cute but a little bit nerdy personality that I adore.

Parker spends most of his day dreaming about Star Wars. Whether its his light-saber fighting skills he practices all day long in the mirror or the battles he sets up with his figurines, this boy has the makings of a true jedi knight...(or Sith Lord....apparently to him Sith Lords are much cooler because they have better power over the force....eh, hem.....not sure how I feel about his love for the dark side.) Parker knows all the facts about star wars. Go ahead, ask him what color light saber, Master Windu has or what planet Anakin skywalker grew up on. At 3, Im pretty sure he could go head to head with anyone on Star Wars Trivia.

And then there is Playstation. We bought him a Star Wars game for the Playstaion, and lets just say that he is now limited to playing only on Mondays and Fridays. Playstation pretty much took over his mind,  and he spent all waking hours trying to plan out how to beat the next level. So as parents who want their kid to lead a somewhat balanced life....we limited that...although not without appreciating the fact that our 3 year old has amazing talents when it comes to gaming and computers. (Parker can turn on the computer, go to firefox, and browse his favorite...mommy approved....websites, as if he's been doing it for years.) Speaking of which, yesterday in the car Parker was playing with my phone and showed me a short-cut of how to access his favorite gaming apps faster....something I didn't know. Nice to have around in a bind, I guess.

As a disclaimer, I would like to mention Parker has some less nerdy interests including baseball and football, but those are not as fun to write about. :)

Two Wheels

I know a lot of kids start riding bikes without training wheels earlier than six....but hey....better late than never, right? Abby and Taylor have gone out almost every day this week working on riding without the "baby wheels" and she has almost got it. And that's pretty impressive if you ask me because dirt roads can be very unforgiving to a new rider.

Family Garden (Part 1)

Since now we live way out....I decided we are going to embrace country living and have a garden. One that hopefully this summer will payoff with beautiful fruits and veggies (no promises though...Im not really known for my green thumb.)

So for the last 4 weekends we have all put on our "outside work clothes" and built us a garden. Although the first 3 weeks which included fence building, drip system fixing, and backfilling, was complaint city from the kids, (yes we made them help!) week four (planting)  finished us off with a load full of smiles.

Both Parker and Abby got to pick what they wanted in it, with Parker pretty much only caring about watermelon, and Abby wanting peas and corn. Also into our garden went lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, onions, green onions, green peppers, and cantelope. I hope to have an update on this later in the summer. Hopefully not to say....its all dead.

Here are some shots of Week 4.