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Santa doesn't Like BRATZ!

We happened to see Santa and Barnes and Noble the other day. Abby patiently waited her turn in line. The little girl in front of her happened to ask for a BRATZ doll. (For those of you who do not know what a BRATZ doll is, its the Barbie type dolls that are scantily clad, and talk with an attitude.) So when Abby got to the front of the line, she decided to ask for the same thing. And do you know what Santa said?....."Ho! Ho! Ho! Those are popular this year. However, Santa isn't sure he is going to have any in stock this season. I dont really like those BRATZ dolls."

Yes! Way to go Santa! He must have magical powers to have known that I have told Abby time and time again that I dont like the Bratz dolls and I dont want think we will ever own one. The next night at our church Christmas party we saw Santa again. Both kids asked for bikes this time. Santa seemed to like that idea much better.

An Upgrade

Here is the new rental we will be moving into when we move to Prescott, AZ. It is a 3 bedroom house, complete with laundry room, huge master-bedroom, and a fireplace. It is quite the upgrade from our tiny California Condo (which was 700 dollars more a month)! Less than 2 weeks left until the move.