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Here Comes Peter Cottontail....

After church on Easter, the Easter Bunny made an appearance at the Holdsworth residence and gave the kids toys and candy. The kids were "uber" excited, and Parker wasn't even scared of him. Did you know that the Easter Bunny wears tennis shoes??? I sure didn't.
As you can see, Taylor is having a really hard time controlling his laughter. Lets just say that the Easter Bunny is a really close friend of his, and was really doing a great job "entertaining" us, leaving Taylor in virtual hysterics. Abby and I even got our hands kissed.
The next morning Abby woke up and said, "Mom, I have been thinking... I am not sure if the bunny that came yesterday was the REAL Easter Bunny. I saw that he wore shoes and his skin was showing between his glove and his sleeve. I am pretty sure it was just a really nice man dressed up in a suit, pretending to be the Easter Bunny." Not knowing what to say, I said, "Well he looked real to me, but really...who knows?" She must have done a lot of thinking about it, since it was almost 24hours after the experience that she mentioned that to me.

Thanks Easter Bunny, wherever you are, for making this Easter so special.

And now for the belly shots. Two pregnant women, dressed up for Easter, how could we resist. In 9 months from now we can laugh at how huge we were. Too bad we still have a few months to go.

Pets on Parade

Somehow the Nelson home has been inundated with your not-so-typical pets, despite my attempts to keep us "pet free" until we have a house and yard that can adequately accommodate a dog. Well, let me introduce you to our newest additions to the "family".

This is Larry---affectionately named by Abby. He lives in a jar.

Abby caught him about 3 1/2 weeks ago in front of our house. I told her she could keep him as long as she feeds him and cleans out his jar every other day. To my surprise she has diligently kept her promise by cleaning his cage and feeding him lettuce leaves. My job is to "babysit" him when she cleans. Heaven forbid he runs away or something!

Secretly, I wake up each morning expecting him to be dead. But nope, he is apparently as happy as can be living in his pickle jar. I swear, he is doing this to annoy me. Come on Larry.... cant you just chrysalis or something. How long can this go on? I have to say I am pretty proud of Abby and her ability to care for a "pet" so diligently.

So, after Taylor saw how awesome Abby was at caring for animals he decided to step the responsibility up a little. The other day we went into his office to have lunch with him and when we walked into the lobby he told us he had a really big surprise for all of us. As he took us back, I could hear chirping. And this is what I saw....
This was the point when mom went into shock and the kids jumped for joy! Was my warning supposed to be when I had gotten a text from Taylor the day before asking if I could ever kill a chick I raised???
Well... meet "Sella" (Parker's chick) and "Tweetie" (Abby's chick.) They live in a box.

Taylor knew that I would have a few qualms about these little guys, so before he got them he arranged to have Anne, a friend from his office take them when they got too big for our house. She has land and other egg laying chickens that they can befriend. I couldn't imagine what our elderly neighbors would do if we let the chickens roost on our patio!So Tweetie and Sella are now a part of our family. I have to admit they are pretty cute, but only because I know they will eventually will be going away. Everyday the kids and I clean their box and give them water and food. Sometimes the kids will take them outside and play with them. Ive included a movie of them "playing" with the chicks for your entertainment. Poor chicks....they probably have nightmares of huge Curious Georges sitting on them at night.

Another Masterpiece: Welcome to our family.

Last weekend Taylor and I went out to a concert for date night and left the kids at my parents house. The next morning Abby pulled this most wonderful drawing out of her bag for us. This is a picture of our family, or future family I guess. (Now-a-days, family portraits can only be found with a new little baby.) Looks like a typical drawing any 5 year old would do...right? Well, why don't you go ahead and read the conversation bubbles she added.

Hmmm... lets see... there is Abby saying "Hi friend, will you dye Easter eggs with me?"(Writing help on this one courtesy of grandma, of course.) You can see me, saying, "Hi" to everyone. On the far right there is Parker saying, "I love you." followed by the baby, exclaiming, according to Abby, "Come here, mama!" Now go ahead and look at the tall guy, yes, Taylor. What does his convo bubble say? Written in Abby's own handwriting I see, a "L" "O" "S" "E" and a "R". Yep, that spells "LOSER." Yes, what a great family portrait.

When we questioned the artist about her choice in words, she said with a chuckle, "Well, that's what dad always says." Well, there you go. At least we are accurate. Welcome to our family.


Fulfilling the yearly tradition....