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Its here....Again!

We are going for year 2 of Cheer Camp. Registration is open now! Click --> here <--for details.

In a Nutshell

I hate posts that skim through a months worth of activities, but alas, I have gotten behind. Here is March in a Nutshell.

We started March with Abby's class play. She had the lead role in "The Tortoise and the Hare." It even included a singing solo. Spoiler alert*** She won the race.

 One weekend we went for a family hike in Prescott National Forest, about 10+ miles North of our house. We found this great spot in the middle of nowhere with a stream and random cows. Taylor and I decided this is where we are going when the world collapses. (wink, wink.)


Spring Break started off with a bang, as I took Abby to BYU's Fairy Tales and Fantasy Ballet. Megan and Laina joined along with some of our other friends. The ballet was to the stories of Fairytales and the girls were even called up on stage to dance with the ballerinas during Intermission. Thanks Meg for inviting us!

We finished Spring Break with a Trip to Yuma. Taylor worked, the kids and I played. Sorry, Taylor. My parents even met us there for  a few days to pick up some drugs in Mexico. (The good kind, as Abby would say.) Cousins Preslee and Cash were there too, so it pretty much turned into a mega-play-date.
I have to say Yuma has significantly moved up in the world since Taylor and I married. The latest addition to Yuma's coolness is the river beach park downtown.

We finished March off with Abby's birthday. Unfortunately the big day wasnt the best one ever, but I think we have recovered. You see, we ordered her present, but it got delayed and never made it in time. When we told her the night before that this will happen, she said it was okay and that the only thing she wanted for her birthday was a big cheesecake. (Have I mentioned she is her fathers girl???)  When I went to bake the cheesecake the next day (her birthday) our oven was not working. So instead of the big fat New York Cheesecake she was expecting she got  a tiny cheesecake made in our toaster oven.Oh and did I mention the candles I bought never made it home from the store. She had a tealight on it. So sad! Dad did come home with a couple of awesome dollar-store gifts so she had something to open. She was a good sport.

Since then we have been to Peter Piper Pizza and she has received plenty of presents from others, so I think we redeemed ourselves.

 To my sweetheart who really is beyond her years, who loves Monty Python and Weird Al Yankovich (again her fathers child), and who makes me want to be a better person daily---We love you! Happy Seventh birthday!

Has it really been over a month since my last post?

March has been busy, really busy. Maybe my lack of time was due the fact that I somehow found myself in charge of the elementary school yearbook (lots and lots of hours....how did that happen????) or maybe it was the fact that I started planning this years' cheer camp, or maybe its the fact that I started a new part time job this month!!!

I never thought I would be taking a job again, at least until all my kids were in school. But this one was WAY too good to pass up. Not only is it totally cool, but I get to have my kids with me while I do it. Ill post more on specifics later, but here are some photos from our Crossfit BBQ we had last week. Totally fun!
To see more photos of my kids and me in my workout spandex (not about to post that here) go to the Captain Crossfit facebook page and check us out!