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"Busy" the Ultimate Understatement

Seriously, this summer was crazy. SO FUN, but SO crazy. And not just a little crazy, but insane, knock you off your feet crazy.

NO, I cannot exhale yet. Just get me through to September and then maybe I can come up for air.

AND through the absolute chaos of buying a house, birthdays, traveling for Crossfit Certs, multiple summer camps, and oh yeah my new job....I have somehow lost my camera cord. Did I leave it in that hotel in Alpine, or the motel in Ramona? Or maybe its in the back of my car. I wouldn't know. Ordering a new one right now would be pointless. Ill be lucky to get Parker and Lucy's July b-day pics up in September....sorry guys!

And now I must return to the craziness. I promise pics (a whole bunch of 'em) when I return.