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Do you ever find that the recent experiences you have in your life point to one theme? Since adulthood I can identify a handful of themed lessons Ive learned in the different periods of my life. Independence, Importance of Family, Budgeting, and pushing through when you think you cant, to name a few. This year, it seems that many experiences that have happened has led me to think of our mortality. That may sound strange, so let me explain.

Ive always known that we live and then we die, but lately it seems that Ive been reminded of this fact over and over again. Whether you will live to 86 and see your 24 grandchildren mature to adulthood or whether you will pass away unexpectedly in your thirties leaving a young family behind, you just don't know. That is up to higher powers to decide.

As depressing as it seems that we have no control as to when our time on earth expires, the more I contemplate this, the more I realize it doesn't have to be. In fact, knowing this can be used to our benefit. Making this realization is helping me to remember to live life to the fullest, to love my spouse, cherish my children, honor my parents, and say thank you to god for the life I have been given so far.

I am pretty sure that it is because of this most recent "life theme" that I wanted my camera. I wanted to capture the people I love most so that no matter what happens, we can all share in the wonderful memories we make everyday.

Its that Time Again

Soccer is back! And how she ever got so lucky to be on the pink team again, I dont know. (Pink is her favorite color...just call her pinkalicious!)

Its pretty obvious that we don't have a future World Cup player on our hands, BUT Abby has a great time on the field skipping and meandering about and thats what matters right???  Her friend Maggie, coincidentally was put on her team AGAIN this year, leaving Abby happy, and Taylor and I REALLY happy that we have friends (her totally awesome parents) to get sunburned with at the games.

Abby and Maggie
Spent the first half of the game doing this.....
Then had a half time chat with dad....he was positive, I promise.
The talk might just have worked.....
Ahh! Thats a little better....
Cant have a soccer post without the team mascot.....she ran on to the field at least 3 times during play!

Heroes Lunch

Abby's new school has a really cool event every September 11th, or September 10th in this case. They invite all the local heroes of our town (fireman, policemen, EMTs, etc.) to the school for a free school lunch with the kids in appreciation for their contributions to our community.

Seeing those men and women squeezing in on those little seats eating with the kiddos was a scene that could melt anyone's heart. And the kids, loved it of course. Some received fireman hats, and police badge stickers by the local heroes. In dedication to our everyday heroes and those who lost their lives 9 years ago, here is Abia Judd's "Heroes Lunch."

60 years of Rod

This past weekend we celebrated Taylor's father's sixtieth birthday with his family. We swam, we ate, but most of all we did what his family does best, sit around and rip on one another. Well, I guess its more like we all sit around and listen to Amanda and Taylor rip on each other, which is more entertaining than pretty much any other activity I can think of.

We celebrated "Grandpa Rod's" birthday with 60 gifts that remind  us of him. Forward emails, Sams club sparkling water, singing cards, hunting hats, Ricola, AS-SEEN-ON-TV, and Walmart, to name of few. If you know my father-in-law you know what a wonderful person he is. I can honestly say my life wouldnt be the same if I had never met him. Happy 60th Rod!

What is Art?

I have never been much of an art fanatic. I appreciate "the arts" with an emphasis on "the" because to most that includes dance, music, and maybe photography. But when it comes to paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc....my interest is only mildly peaked..... Okay, really I find staring at paintings, drawings, etc, quite boring..... sorry, art lovers.

But as I mentioned before, Abby however, loves art. Its her favorite "special" at school, and thus waits all week for " art day." The other day we were at the pizza place and there was this painting of an artichoke outdoors. It was Abby who brought to my attention how "cool" it was because the artichoke was painted to look like a tree standing alone in a field. I acknowledged that she was right, and was semi-embarrassed (yet impressed) that it took my six year-old to point that out to me.

So I have begun to embrace her love and start my own art gallery of Nelson originals in my very own home. A perfect way to decorate my hallway.  I figure, I'll collect one or two a year, and in a few years my hall will be full of my favorite pieces. Art that I appreciate.

The Circle of Life

Since seeing the mega-playdate photos the kids have been begging me to take more photos of them on the tramp.
One of the best things that have happened in my life lately, has been the addition of our trampoline. Every evening we used to have ridiculous sibling fights in the hour or so before the over exhausted kids made their way to bed. Now we have jumping, and laughing, and a mother that can handle the nightly routine without wanting to SHOOT her brains out. (Okay, not really, but you get my point.)

You know, I had a trampoline as a child. I can still feel the excitement building, as my parents set it up for the first time. Too bad as an adult, it proved to be way more EXHAUSTING, than exciting to set it up. At least Abby and Parker felt anticipation while Taylor and I broke our backs getting it together.....the circle of life my friends, the circle of life.