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Sundogs Game

For family night we took the kids to their first hockey game.

Did you know Taylor and I met at a hockey game? I spent most of that night mad at him for being such a jerk when we were introduced. He now claims that he was a jerk because I grabbed his inner thigh and it made him uncomfortable.  I see a flaw in this excuse for two reasons, 1) Why the heck would I grab his inner thigh the night I met him and 2) What twenty-one year old male would not like a young girl grabbing his inner thigh the first time she met him!  Obviously, we got over that and since then have spent many-a-date night yelling "Hey Goalie, you suck!" at hockey games. (Umm....Hello...what else do you do in a small town in North Dakota?)

The kids had a great time and got to see three fights. Parker thought adults cheering while the players fought was sooooo funny....Abby not so much. (I thought fighting was bad, mom?) Lucy spent the night playing with the free noise makers we got.

Superbowl Sunday

This is how we spent Superbowl Sunday this year.....

The entire family (minus myself....he, he....) was sick. Parker fell asleep on our tile. I kindly added blankets and his pillow pet to help his sick little body from feeling even worse after sleeping on the hard ground. Just plain sad....