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Dear Cardinals

Dear Arizona Cardinals,
First I would like to congratulate you on your recent NFC championship victory. Lets face it, pretty much no one in the entire U.S. thought it would happen just 2 months ago. However, you proved us wrong and advanced to the Superbowl, to the pure elation of the men in my life. I realize that most of you have dreamed about going to the Superbowl your entire life. And just in case that is not enough of a reason to win this weekend, I thought I might give you a few more.

Reason #1: My Son
I would first like to let you know that my son will not take off his Cardinals jersey I bought him a month or so ago. I literally have to bribe him every other day to get him to take the shirt off so I can quickly stick it in the washer. Have you ever pried a shirt out of a determined two-year old's hands? Let me assure you it is worse than any linebacker you have ever faced. Why cant I buy him a new one, you say??? Oh wait, the Cardinals are actually good now and every store is completely sold out of Cardinals shirts in his size.

Reason #2: My Husband
I think that anyone who is remotely familiar with my husband knows he is a die hard Cardinals fan. In fact I don't think he has missed watching a game since we were married. (No, not even when you black it out on TV. This computer geek has his ways.) But lately, his Cardinals mania has gotten out of control. I am now forced to stay up late watching Sportcenter to hear the commentators reanalyze the pending game match up and say the same things they said the night before. During date night tonight, I could not understand why he was staring off into one direction and blindly nodding as I talked at dinner. That is until I realized that he was watching the TV talk about you at the bar behind me. No wonder he quickly ran over to that seat when we were being seated, he had strategically sat there on purpose. And last of all, do I really need to mention those darling little Cardinal pajama pants that have made a debut into my bed for the last few years. I cant tell you how many BBQ wings have been spilled on those babies during your games.

Reason #3: My Father and My Grandfather
I want you to know I am the proud descendant of two of your greatest fans ever. My father and my grandfather have owned Cardinals season tickets for almost 20 years. You probably know who they are. They are the two bald men who sit on the fifty yard line. They wear "the classic jerseys" like the 1992 Jersey that you gave away for free years ago with some forgotten quarterbacks name on the back. These poor men sat on those horrible seats in Sundevil Stadium just to see you lose year after year. I am pretty sure at one time they were the last 2 people cheering for you in the entire stadium. Oh yes, I knew you would know who they were.

So AZ Cardinals don't you see.... you must win this weekend. Forget your dreams, the recognition, the money, and your trip to Disneyland, do it for your die hard fans...AKA my family. Please, please, please dont leave me to pick up the pieces after a loss. Prevent a Nelson Amageddon, go out there and WIN! GO CARDS!

Yours Truly,
A Concerned Wife, Mother, and Daughter

Is Something Wrong with this Picture???

Those are snowflakes in the background. Would someone please tell my daughter that snow attire does not include a bathing suit???

*Dont worry grandmas....this backyard snow play did not last long. After about 4 minutes the kids came in saying that it was "way too cold to play outside."

Finally Settled: Arizona Living

I apologize to my readers out there for the lack of material lately, but as you probably know things have been a bit chaotic for us. We finally made the move to Arizona, and so far, so good. Everyone here has been extremely helpful, not to mention the fact that our city of Prescott is gorgeous!

As an introduction to the city, I thought I would give you some interesting facts about it.

  • According to 2006 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 41,528.
  • Prior to a gold boom in the early 1800's the area was inhabited by native Americans dating back to over 9000 years ago!
  • The town of Prescott was capital of the Arizona territories until 1867, where it was moved to Tucson. In 1877 it returned back to Prescott but was eventually moved again to Phoenix in 1889.
  • Whiskey Row, the old saloon street from the 1800's has "The Palace", Arizona's oldest known restaurant.
  • In 1900, a great fire destroyed most of the buildings on Whiskey Row (our old red-light district converted to shops and restaurants). As legend has it, the patrons of the various bars simply took their drinks across the street to the Courthouse square and watched it burn. After the fire ended, the inhabitants rebuilt the town using brick which still stands today.
  • Prescott is home to the Worlds Oldest Ongoing Annual Rodeo started in 1888. I cant wait to go this 4th of July!
  • The picture used in the header of my blog is only a few miles away from my house. Although, I must say that picture does not do this area justice.
Below are a few photos of Prescott. Above are a couple shots of the kids I took playing next to the lake by our house after church.
The granite dells not far from our house.

Downtown Prescott. For our Anniversary Taylor and I ate at the Peacock Room of the old Hassayampa Inn pictured above.

The Prescott Courthouse.

I love you AZ! Its good to be home!