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A Boys Love

 This morning I had the news on and the story about the country's most recent medal of honor winner (first since the Vietnam era) was playing. I noticed Parker intently watching him receive the medal from Obama.

I mentioned to him, "Do you see that soldier? He is getting a medal from the president for being very brave."
Parker responded, "Did dad get that medal?"
"No, he didn't. You have to be super brave to get that."
"But, Dad is the bravest I know."
"Yeah, I know, but you have to be like a superhero to get it. This guy had bad guys shooting at him, and he ran closer to the badguys twice to save his friends who were shot."
"Oh,"  he said. And then paused, obviously in deep thought.
And then he responded with, "My dad is SUPER brave. I know he would have done the same thing."
"I don't doubt you are right babe. Your dad would have done the same thing." I said.
And then he ran off to play.



Halloween was a little lame this year, being on a Sunday. We did manage to get Lucy in a costume which was an accomplishment in itself. (She would rip off anything we put on her so ended up in an old leo of Abby's.) I would have loved to have one photo with all the kids but now-a-days that is pretty much impossible. Oh well....maybe next year.

The Ninja

Ms. Wonderwoman

The Ballerina

Pumpkin Carving

We had the kids make their own jack-o-lantern designs (Taylor helped Lucy) and then each helped dad to carve. Somehow, mom got stuck doing scraping all night....blah!

Lucy just liked playing with next years pumpkins....

Yes, this is my husband with Lucy's (aka his pumpkin) on his head. Can you guess his inspiration?

Why Everyone needs Grandmas....