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We finished our Fall Break from school with a trip to Sedona with my parents. Taylor had to work, so off we went traveling our separate ways again. While we were there we went on one of the most beautiful hikes I had been on. Complete with water (Lucy's favorite), old house ruins (Parkers Favorite), and wild blackberry picking (Abby's favorite.)

Family Photos

Aren't these fantastic! We had our family photos redone, and I am soooo happy with them. We needed it. Parker was younger than Lucy at our last session.

Check out more photos by Holdsworth Photograpy here. Thanks Meg! We love you! And yes, eh-hem, I copied her header slideshow....but please know I only copy the best!

Guess Who?


My in laws have an old version of Guess-Who that somehow always gets found when we visit. Its the original version that we used to play as kids, the one with lots of cards (some of which are missing in her set, that makes it an even more exciting game. Wink, wink.) All of us adults swear each time we are going to secretly throw it away before the next trip because of the constant pleading,... no....begging the kids do for an adult to play with them. But is pretty hard to throw it away, when the kids love it so much, and you see moments like these with Grandma.

Family Vacation

Taylor and I have not really had a "family" vacation together in the past year or two. Sad, I know. It seems we each have taken our own little trips here or there, but because of one reason or another we haven't been able to go anywhere together as a family in quite a while. Finally we had decided enough was enough, and headed down for a quick two-day turnaround beach trip to San Diego with the kids.

San Diego was actually where it all began for us. A bit more than ten years ago, my family ran into Taylor and his family on Mission beach. (Taylor was already a good friend from college, so running into him on the beach was quite the coincidence.) Ditching our parents the next couple of days (sorry mom and dad, now that I think about it, it was quite rude) we ended up spending every waking hour together walking the beach, the bay, the boardwalk, belmont park, eating pizza, and watching sunsets. Although nothing never happened between us on that trip, I'm pretty sure it was the first time either of us had thought of each other in a "more than friend" way. We were married about a year and a half after that.

This trip, instead of hitting the crowded Mission Beach, we took the kids to the much more subdued Carlsbad State Beach. More surfers for Taylor to have a man crush on.....and less people so we dont lose any kids. We were all in paradise.

Three Piggy Opera

The Abia Judd First Grade put on a musical play entitled, The Three Piggy Opera. It was the story of the three little pigs in told by the chorus. It was quite the show; I was pretty impressed at what first graders could do. Cheers to the new music teacher for putting this together~!


It wouldnt be October without.....

A preschool field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! But before I show you anything, I need to post a little disclaimer.
Yes, apparently a visit to the "farm" is not what it used to be folks! Do you love the skull and cross bones matched with the happy farm pictures. Anywho.....

This years pumpkin patch was a little better than last. See here. It included, a hayride, a petting zoo and a corn maze. Oh wait, and how can I forget the class carousel ride, that we did over and over and over again. It is so fun to see Parker with his friends from school. I cant help but chuckle every time I see them, nor imagine them ten years from now. We are soooo in trouble!

 Lucy LOVED the petting zoo. This sheep got kisses on the mouth, and a full body hug over and over and over again.