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The Malibu Files---Alicia Silverstone Sighting

Now for the second installment of THE MALIBU FILES

So Monday Taylor and I were loading the kids into the car in Universal City when all of a sudden this black mercedes with a driver and black tinted windows pulls up next to us. Moments later a girl pops out with a hippie hat pulled over her face and walks into Poquito Mas, a small Mexican restaurant. Taylor, who was standing outside at the time, jumps in the car and immediately says, "I think that was Alicia Silverstone. Did you see her? Go in and see if it was her?" I looked at him,thinking---are we really that lame to follow her in?

But just then a miracle happened. Abby said,"Mom, I have to go to the bathroom." Taylor and I looked at eachother. ---Yes, the perfect excuse to go stalk a celebrity without us feeling like total idiots.

So Taylor and Parker stayed in the car and Abby and I went in. When we walked in the "mystery girl" was ordering with her face turned away from us. I was thinking..."There is no way that it is Alicia, because that girl is too normal looking. The hair coming out of her hat was ratted, and her clothes were, well... blah.

So we went to the bathroom, took care of Abby's business, and headed toward the exit door. I remember thinking "Should I feel guilty using the restaurant bathroom without buying something---oh well, I have the kid excuse, right?" It was just then that I looked up. And guess what---a totally a bummed out, hippie looking, ratted hair, Alicia Silverstone was standing right in front of me. I quickly bowed my head so she wouldn't think I was the stalker that I really was, and left the restaurant. Good times!

Its a rainy day---so I will go out and Play!

Yesterday all of us had the day off for Martin Luther King Day, so we decided we were going to do something fun, no matter how rainy, wet and cold it was. So we dressed warm and went out to the Univesal City Walk with our good friends Nate, Sara, and little Keirsha Moon. We had a blast shopping, eating, and just hanging out.

For those of you who dont know what the Universal City Walk is---(I didn't know until yesterday)--- its a shopping center at the entrance to Universal studios complete with fudge shops, toy shops, fountains to play in, and indoor skydiving windtunnels. Good, cheap entertainment. We ended up eating at Hard Rock Cafe and realized how cool it is that we only live about 25 minutes away from this place. We decided we are going to get year passes to Universal studios--so stay tuned for future Hollywood installments.

Christmas Day!

These are way overdue...but better late than never. right? Christmas morning with the kids was a blast. They had more presents and fun than anyone could imagine. Thank you to Santa and all of our family out there who made our Christmas so special. Below is a video of Christmas morning. Enjoy!

P.S. The stuff on Abbys face on the picture below is the make-up Santa gave her. I know its hard to believe---but she applied it all herself. HA!