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A Techie Generation

Abby has started her own blog! I merely helped her set up the account (per her request) and she took it from there. I suggest you bookmark: www.abbigalelane.blogspot.com.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

 We had three extra kids staying with us this Easter Sunday. We started the morning with an Easter Egg hunt. The Easter Bunny burned the mid-night oil and hid 140 eggs over our two acres at 1 am, so the 6:30 am wakeup call was a bit rough.

 Even Lucy actually got how the egg hunt game works. I was shocked!

 And then we got a surprise........

Oh Easter Bunny, who shows up every year.....the kids love you, I love you, and I am sure my nosy neighbors love you too. Thanks for making Easter so special, even if you leave your watch on. :)

Play Ball!!!

T-ball season has started and Holdsworth Law Firm's "Dragon Warriors" are on the prowl! Our first game was pretty much as you would expect with kids running to third base instead of first after hitting the ball, fighting over the ball, and kids' who forgot their gloves! Lets just say it was quite entertaining...but "Coach Nelson" held it together beautifully.

Cattle Crash

What do you do when a truck full of cattle rolls over on the highway infront of you while driving in the middle of nowhere? Four hours of this.....
 Did I mention I was alone with the kids???.....
 With no snacks....!!!! Luckily the nice grandma infront of us let us share her box of granola bars. Here she is talking to her grandkids!
 People were walking their dogs, and talking to one another. The kids and I took a walk.....
 And collected (what I would let them touch) random highway trash. This was Parkers favorite part.
All in all, we survived. Im just glad the weather was perfect. And note to self, keep snacks in the car at all times....even if you are driving a mere hour and a half to your parents house.

Oh, and because I know you are curious, no we did not get to see the squished cattle when we finally were let go. Just a bunch of bull dozers. I guess, they bulldozed them off the cliff....???? Yuck!