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Program Extravaganza

Last Friday, both kids had their school Thanksgiving programs. So yes, I was running back and forth between schools all day. Poor Lucy, I think she spent like 5 hours in her carseat, but at her expense, it was worth seeing all the cute children sing their songs.

Parkers pre-school Program:


Abby's Kindergartern Program:

Halloween or Disneyland?

Another benefit to living in a smaller town....holidays are awesome! Here, 4th of July is filled with Rodeos, BBQ's, and parades. Christmas is filled with caroling and lights, and to my utter surprise Halloween is over the top as well!

Have you ever stood in line to trick or treat...well I have. We went to the old historical street "Mt. Vernon" for trick or treating and I could not believe my eyes. Thousands, yes I mean thousands of people were there to trick or treat. The city actually has to subsidize these houses with candy  so that they may keep the trick or treaters happy. It was insane!

I know...I know....you would think having that many trick or treaters would be completely frustrating, right? But to our surprise it wasn't at all. It was much like being at Disneyland! Every house was elaborately decorated, and even most of the adults were dressed up. Everyone was in a good mood and excited to be there. You cant get much better than that.

This year, Abby was a bride, Parker was Batman (yes, we switched last minute from a cowboy to batman...good thing we have a dress up stash), and Lucy was our little ragdoll. Enjoy the plethura of photos.

Oh... and Taylor made this for dinner. Its meatloaf. Pretty cool, eh?