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Its SO hard to come back from vacation.  I can still smell the candy shops on main-street of Disneyland and see those huge colorful lollypops in my minds eye. Ahhh........Great....now I'm drooling.

Cousins Preslee, Cash, and Tag were able to join us for the first part of the trip, making our holiday even more fun.

 Disneyland was incredible. The kids were in heaven since they were finally tall enough (not Lucy) to ride the "cool" rides. Favorite rides for Abby and Parker included Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. We rode those A LOT. Lucy set the record for most rides on "the pooh ride." She probably rode it at least 15 times during the trip. That is all she wanted to do with an occasional tea cup ride thrown in. Grandma Jan is now a pooh ride expert!

 Karen and Cousin Cole also stopped in for some Disneyland action. It was so good to see them.What a red-headed cutie!

California Adventure has an animation area, where the animators teach you how to draw different characters. Of course Abby loved this. When we were done and compared our sketches hers was undoubtedly the best. Again....where did this talent come from????
Ran into Ann, David, and Jack at Disneyland. Seriously, what were the odds that we ended up on the same log together unintentionally. They are wonderful people.
And my favorite....Lucy decided to potty train herself on the trip. Hey... when you gotta go, you gotta go.


Anna Elledge said...

I love the pic of lucy with snow white. Her face is so awesome!! You have some cute kids.

K Schach said...

we had the BEST time with you guys!! thanks again!! and great pics, Sher!

Elena said...

All this amazing photos are making me melancolic........I am thinking of my vacation time......